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Phase 2: Getting it working!

21st March 1999:

I have puchased a 240v to 110v isolated transformer. Also ordered a copy of the service manual from The Jukebox Man.

24th March 1999:

Took delivery of the beast today. Took a few photos of it in its current state before having to rush back to work. Also (coincidentally) recieved the copy of the service manual. First job tonight is to make a start at getting rid of the layers of dirt and dust that coat it.

1st April 1999:

It is looking MUCH cleaner now. I have started to strip bits off it and am now beginning to understand how it all fits together now (service manual in one hand, screw driver in the other, puzzled look on face). I have also realised (horror!!) that the window assembly and record changer trim are that of an AMi I-200 and not an H-200. I am a bit pissed off at not having noticed this before I bought it, but as I am not a strict purist I will continue as is. That, I guess, is the plight of the beginner. I plan to replace the parts with the 'H' equivalents in the future if/when the parts become available to me.

I have ordered some of the missing bits from The Jukebox Man being very careful as to whether 'H' or 'I' parts are required. Having cleaned through much of the dust and grime I am now looking to start the re-wiring job.

I have also started to compile a list of parts that I am missing, or that I would like to replace (it is for my own reference as much as anything, but if anyone does know to any of these parts for sale, then feel free to contact me).

11th April 1999

All the mains re-wiring has now been completed.

The main display area trim has also been completely cleaned up with the tatty black areas rubbed down and re-sprayed. The missing glass panels have been replaced by plastic reproduction parts, and it is now looking very smart. I have started to make the back door out of ply-wood, and am experimenting with some thin perspex to see if it will work as the main window until I can get a glass one.

Now I am starting to trouble-shoot the main mechanisms since I have got power to it! The selection mechanism seems to be working perfectly, although the record basket belt has deteriorated a little and is causing the basket to rotate unevenly. There is a problem with the credit unit/pulse generator somewhere, meaning the 'wait' light never comes on and the pulse generator doesn't advance to a ready position when a credit is notched up. Unfortunately the batteries decided to fail in my volt-meter this after-noon and so I am stuck until I can get some more.

20th April 1999

I cleaned up all the contacts on the pulse generator and checked the gaps so that they open and shut as neccesary. I also re-adjusted the rotor arm so that it returns to 'home' position correctly. Bingo! Now I can make selections correctly. This revealed a problem with the actual play selection. Every time I made an even selection it refused to play any subsequent odd selections correctly. A bit of advice from the alt.collecting.juke-boxes experts revealed that the pushrod that dictates which way the record flip was only moving one way. A clean-up and re-grease soon corrected it.

The replacement back panel is now complete and painted black, but I cannot accurately match the paint to the flecked origional (any suggestions?). It will have to stay as it is for the time being. My experiments with a perspex window have failed misserably, so I will cut my losses and save up for a piece of glass instead. It will have to wait until my Triumph Spitfire is repaired and re-sprayed though.

The five records that I have with pre-cut holes are begining to get boring so I will have to aquire a 'dinker' so that I can use some of my record collection in it now that it is fully functional.

From straight out of a barn to tidy and fully functional in less than a month. Not bad for a beginner!

6th June 1999

Bought and fitted that piece of glass from Terry Price. It really finishes it off nicely. Also bought myself a dinker so that I can cut my own record holes instead of having to rely on other people. Terry also thinks that he has the H parts that I require, and will look them out for me, and work out a price. I have had a very good day indeed!!

12th June 1999

Went over to see Terry Price about the H parts that he has found. Took over all my I equivalents, and we did a swap. His parts were a bit tattier than mine (I had already tidied mine up), but undamaged and original, so I am very happy. I also bought a new cartridge for it as the original is tatty and only has a make-shift needle holder.

10th July 1999

Took the control box over to Terry Price who had it re-built for me. I now get the correct voltage out of it, and the DC motors now turn much faster.

8th January 2000

Got a '200 Selections' panel from Terry Price and fitted it.

Jobs left to do:

  • I am still getting intermitant problems with the pushrod solenoids not selecting the correct side. This needs further investigation
  • Still need H top dome and defuser.
  • The sound is pretty good as it stands, but I fully intend to have the amp re-built.
  • Replace the keyboard.
  • Re-paint cabinet properly (when I can find a paint that reasonably matches the original)

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