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The following is a list of known parts that I need to complete the restoration of my Jukebox (including the AMi part number where known). Some of the parts I do not have at all, others are present, but damaged enough for me to consider replacing them. If you know to anyone who has any of these parts that may be willing to sell them, then please feel free to contact me with details (UK prefered... but don't let that put you off as I am willing to pay shipping if the price is right!).

  • L-1346 - Complete Record Changer Access Door Assembly.
  • F-6369 - Plug Button for record Changer trim.
  • L-1345 - Cash box (preferably with F-2775 - Cash box pad!).
  • R-1319 - Dome (original glass, or repro plastic). Must be the one with the shaped top and AMi wording.
  • L-1380 - Light Diffuser (original glass, or repro plastic) with 'multihorn high fidelity music' decal.
  • R-1348 and R-1349 - Pair of Door Hinges (chrome must be in good condition).
  • F-5007 - Annunciator cover rails (x2).
  • Needle holder for 121-DS needle.

The list may well grow as I find more missing parts, or shrink as I buy others.

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