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Phase 1: Finding a machine!


Since I was about 14, and started listening to music with any serious interest, I have been fascinated by Jukeboxes. I wanted to own one of those beautiful 1930s machines with bubbles trickling through it, and bright plastic panels and shining metal and changing coloured lights. It's now 15 years later and I find myself at last in a position where this can become a reality, so I recently started to do some investigation into what this may entail. My first disappointment was when I found out that the beautiful works of art from the 1930's that I had originaly fallen in love with only played the old 78s and my collection of 45s were next to useless in them? (yes, I know it seems obvious now!!)

So now I have to buy two Jukeboxes... a practical one for my 45s and a rather more indulgent one for aesthetics. (I think I will do this one at a time!!) After some preliminary research I have now narrowed my search down to the following models:

45 Players:

  • AMi model I-200E (A magnificent 200 selection 45 player).
  • AMi model H-200E (Similar to the model I-200E).
  • AMi model XJ - Continental or Continental 2 (Unique designs that seemed to share influence with no other machines).
  • Seeburg model V-200 (A Monster of a machine, and probably too expensive for me).
  • Most other 50's and early 60's machines, (especially those with large curved glass panels, lots of shiny chrome, bright lights, and a highly visible play mechanism).
78 Players:
  • Wurlitzer 1100
  • Wurlitzer 1015 (That classic design!)
  • Hell... any Paul Fuller designed Wurlitzer really... they were all beautiful in there own way.

15th February 1999:

I am now starting to seriously start looking for a machine. It needn't work, but must be complete, and not be in too poor a condition (I am only a beginner after all). I have been to a couple of dealers that are in the area, and am off to the Jukebox Madness North show in Leeds soon to check out what is available there!

10th March 1999:

Went to the Jukebox Madness North show in Leeds on Saturday. Saw some really stunning machines but most of the machines that were for sale were real show pieces, and the price tags reflected this. The show did show me what could be done with these machines and gave me some useful contact names and numbers for Jukebox dealers, restorers and parts suppliers.

21st March 1999:

Got one! After looking at several machines in various states of repair (and prices), I yesterday bought an American AMi H-200E. The chrome work in good condition - I don't think any re-chroming will be neccesary. It appears to be almost complete, but missing the main glass and light diffusers (I know that these are readily available to buy). I just have to wait for the banks to clear my cheque, and it will be all mine!

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