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Let me get this straight from the start... I am not an expert. There are a lot of real experts about, and I am not one of them. I am an enthusiast. I bought my first (and only) jukebox in March 1999. I have wanted to own one since my early teens, and, having managed to get together enough money for one, I recently managed to fulfill that wish. Along the way I have managed to accumulate a lot of (what I condsider to be) useful information. Here is some of it in all its glory(!) in the hope that it may make your journey into discovering jukeboxes a smoother ride. N.B. I make no apologies for the heavy U.K. bias as there is already plenty of U.S. based jukebox information available, but fairly little about the U.K.

As a final comment, please note that:

  • I DO NOT give evaluations,
  • I DO NOT commercially buy or sell machines,
  • and I DO NOT carry any spare parts.
Any communications that I receive on these subjects are likely to be ignored. There are many contacts on my UK dealers, and links pages that are willing and able to answer such requests.

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