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I, like many million other people, have been given free web space... here it is. So what to do with it? Well, there ain't that much here I'm afraid. I have, however, tried to put it to good use which may be of help to some people. I have put together the following information for anyone who may be interested:

A further chunk of space has been used to store information about vintage jukeboxes @ the Harvey Zone. I have recently bought and (kind of) restored a 1957 AMi machine. This is some of the information that I would have found useful before I started that may help other prospective jukebox owners.

I have also included a bit of information about Bromsgrove @ the Harvey Zone, the town in which I live.

Finally, here is a little bit about myself... Tom @ the Harvey Zone, including some of my favourite links, (Ok... this is the ego trip bit... sorry, it couldn't be avoided completely), my wife... Jan @ the Harvey Zone, my son... Ben @ the Harvey Zone, and my cat... Cornelius @ the Harvey Zone.

Hurry back...

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