Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Here is my tribute to Bromsgrove, the town I have lived in for most of my life. The town that educated me. The town that employs me. The town where I eat. The town where I drink. The town where I sleep.

St. Johns Church,
(from Sanders Park)
Bromsgrove is a small, sleepy market town in the heart of the midlands, which boasts:
  • A rather excessive amount of motorways (the M5 and M42 both skirt Bromsgrove, with the M40 and M6 not far away);
  • The one time home of A.E. Housman famed for 'A Shropshire Lad' and many other poems (Born 26th March 1859 in Fockbury, Worcestershire; died 30th April 1936. He lived in Perry Hall for part of his life, and was educated at Bromsgrove School);
  • Original home of Richard 'weren't you the guy off The Big Breakfast' Orford;
  • The manufacturers of the Buckingham Palace gates (the Bromsgrove Guild);
  • The Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, an excellent museum if buildings are your thang;
  • Home of 'alleged road rage' victim, Tracie Andrews, who was later convicted for murdering her boyfriend on the night of the 1st December 1996;
  • Richie from the popular beat combo 'Five' was raised here. His parents, I believe, ran the Crabmill public house;
  • Original home of Nicola 'her off Neighbours' Charles... Sidemoor to be exact. Charles is a stage name not her real name. She attended South Bromsgrove High School;
  • Home of some of the business ventures of Paul 'Benny from Crossroads' Henry including the long defunct Dragon's Palace. He actually lives (or lived... I am not sure) in the Cofton Hackett area;
  • The current home of David Ginola, famous French footballer, and occasional Aston Villa player.
  • Original home of Trudie Styler, famed for being Sting's wife, and the woman who bought Madonna and Guy Ritchie together - she is from Stoke Prior.
  • Location of the first reporting job of Michael Buerk... hired by the Bromsgrove Messenger when he told the cricket-mad editor that he played the game!
  • Something to do with Michael Ball, but I'm not too sure what.
  • Err... nothing much else really.
For those of you who are still interested, here are some of my genuine Bromsgrove facts and figures.

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Tom Harvey,
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