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Benjamin ('Ben') Thomas Harvey

Born: 21st December 2003 by cesarean section.
Weight: 7lb 4.5oz
Height: 51cm

Benjamin Photo Gallery

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First Scan
26th June 2003

Second Scan
11th August 2003

Aged approximately 7 minutes

Aged 25 minutes.

Aged 31 minutes.

With Aunty Sue
Aged 19 hours, 40 minutes.

23rd December 2003
Aged 43 hours, 25 minutes.

Home at last!
With Aunty Sue
Boxing Day 2003

28th December 2004

1st January 2004

Mouse suit
1st January 2004

Father and Son
6th February 2004

Fast asleep
21st March 2004

Bath time
21st March 2004

Hungry Caterpillar suit
23rd March 2004

High chair
5th April 2004

Concentrating on a good book
30th April 2004

Mummy gives first Driving Lesson
(with cousins Molly and Jacob)
22nd May 2004

On the swings
22nd May 2004

The King of rock 'n' Roll
28th May 2004

Stay cool there little fella'
30th May 2004

First teeth
13th June 2004

20th June 2004

Forever blowing bubbles...
12th August 2004

Mother and Son
29th August 2004

On the gallop
3rd September 2004

First Holiday -
On the beach at Beer
5th September 2004

First Holiday -
On the beach at Beer
5th September 2004

First Holiday -
Promenading at Sidmouth
7th September 2004

First Holiday -
Promenading at Weymouth
8th September 2004

First Holiday -
Lunch at the Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth
9th September 2004

First Holiday -
Building sand Castles at Sidmouth
9th September 2004

First Holiday -
Padling in the sea at Sidmouth
9th September 2004

First Holiday -
Fossil Hunting at Lyme Regis
10th September 2004

First Holiday -
With Granny and Molly and Jacob in Wells
On the way home
11th September 2004

Autumn arrives
2nd October 2004

17th October 2004

The Fun that can be had in a cardboard box!
24th October 2004

Exploring the toybox
27th October 2004
Fast asleep
1st November 2004

The cousins
This is a reproduction of a photo of Granny and great Uncles taken some 50 years ago.
20th November 2004
Villa dude
5th December 2004
Bath time
5th December 2004

Birthday Party Presents
19th december 2004
Birthday Party Tea
19th december 2004

Birthday Party Cake
19th december 2004

Birthday cards
21st december 2004
Birthday kiss
21st december 2004
Look at all those Presents!
Christmas Morning 2004
More Presents at Aunty
Sue and Uncle Simon's House
Christmas day 2004
Warning: toy overload!
Christmas day 2004
A hug for Dog
Boxing Day 2004
A Banana moment!
27th December 2004

Relaxing in the shade at Heligan
Doing a spot of gardening at Heligan

A spot of oceanography at the Sealife Centre

A life on the ocean wave. Plymouth.

Ice Cream heaven!

At Jacob's (5) and Mollie's (3) birthday party, keeping out of the way of the big children.
Plane spotting in Windsor Great Park
Feeding the animals at the Safari Park
2nd Birthday portrait
Birthday Cards

Sadly our camera died on Ben's 2nd birthday (typical!)so we have very few pictures between now until after Christmas.

Axe Man
Snow Man

Home Made Guitar

International Footballer
22nd April 2006

24th April 2006

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